Hoskinson’s endorsement of Brock Pierce disgusts Larimer

In fact, Brock Pierce is a candidate in the US presidential election to be held on 3 November and has called Hoskinson “my friend, colleague and crypto-architect”.

In his endorsement video, Hoskinson states that he has been in the crypto world for a long time and that the Democratic and Republican candidates (Biden and Trump) are basically two sides of the same coin.

He therefore calls for change and suggests voting for Brock Pierce.

This public endorsement of a political candidate by a prominent member of the crypto community has not been welcomed by all.

Some simply argued that it was not appropriate for Hoskinson to take the political side, regardless of the fact that he chose to support the crypto-friendly candidate, while others explicitly speak of a mistake because of Pierce’s past.

In particular, strong criticism came from Daniel Larimer, CTO of Block.one, creator of BitShares and DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake), co-founder of Steem and very active on EOS.

Larimer has written:

“This is why I could never be a politician”.

He then added a decidedly strong and explicative emoji, pointing out immediately afterwards that Brock Pierce, in his opinion, “has a good heart” and would be the best among the proposals, although this campaign is allowing the means to be justified.

In a subsequent tweet he wrote:

I’m writing an entire book, currently 200+ pages on how to eliminate politicians and implement a true democracy where the people have maximum power relative to government. I’m doin my part.

“I am writing a whole book, currently more than 200 pages, on how to eliminate politicians and implement a real democracy where people have the maximum power over government. I am doing my part”.

In other words, Larimer did not appreciate the fact that an exponent of the crypto world, aiming at decentralisation, gave his support to a member of the traditional political system. On the contrary, although not explicitly, he actually attacked Hoskinson, veiledly accusing him of having taken advantage of the situation fundamentally to gain publicity.

However, it must be remembered that EOS and Cardano are competing projects, so are Larimer and Hoskinson. Although Hoskinson is working to make Cardano as decentralized as possible, i.e. with governance left totally in the hands of users, without any central power, Larimer did not like his descent into a centralized system of government like that of the USA.