The provincial body has reported that it will extend the use of Blockchain technology to five large products to certify the winners of these drawings.

The top prizes obtained in Patagonia Telebingo, Loto 5, Quini 6, Pozo de la Quiniela and Lotería Unificada will be validated and the decentralized certificates will be issued in the block chain to reduce the use of paper and collaborate in the digitalization process carried out by the institution.

Argentina: Lotería de Río Negro will use Blockchain to provide transparency to its processes

The minutes issued by means of the disruptive technology will allow to certify the origin of the funds of the prizes obtained in games of chance, at the same time that it will allow the users to be able to appear in any bank, notary’s office or registry of the property of the property to claim their prize, whose property will be able to be verified by third parties remotely.

The Lottery of Rio Negro in Argentina already announced last November 2019 that it planned to use Blockchain technology together with the company OS City, in order to provide more transparency to its processes and security to the information produced.

At the beginning of this 2020, the institute incorporated the chain of blocks with the results of the draws of the provincial Quiniela, guaranteeing that the numbers are not adulterated and that they cannot be modified in the future.

TheRifamos: Uruguayan platform for digital raffles with blockchain technology

Later, in February of this year Luis Ayestarán, inventor of the Rio Negro Lottery, explained that the processes inherent in the La Rionegrina draws would also be encrypted with the chain of blocks.

“We have to tend towards the digital, because today the world already is. Today we will begin to work with Os City to incorporate Blockchain within the modernization process that has begun in our province, as another element to provide security to the citizen who is the one who must be accountable,” said Cointelegraph.

Since then, the certificates of the statements are available on the website of Lotería de Río Negro.

The use of the Blockchain in games of chance advances

The use of Blockchain technology in gambling is not new, especially in Latin America, where southern cone countries like Argentina and Uruguay have already shown signs of its implementation for a fairer game.

The use of the Blockchain in the gaming industry can lead to a massive adoption

Last February, university students in Uruguay used the chain of blocks in a platform for digital raffles of goods and services.

LaRifamos, is a proposal by the initiative of students of Systems Engineering of the ORT University of Uruguay that connects people who want to raffle a product with users interested in participating, with high probabilities of winning due to the transparency of the Blockchain technology.

According to its creators, the story of a French woman who in 2018, after not finding any buyer, decided to sell a castle through a raffle system, motivated them to carry out the project.

The Blockchain technology has recently become a phenomenon in several areas of the economy, driving innovation, promoting growth and adding value. Among the most prominent of these sectors is the gaming industry.

Video games are a use case that drives the true adoption of Blockchain technology by bringing the user incentive from pure speculation to transactions on a Blockchain platform. This drives innovation in development as well as consumer adoption.

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